Adrian Castillo

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I'm Graphic designer/photographer with considerable work experience in sales, marketing,

pre-press, vehicle wraps and sign production.

I am consistently recognized for performance excellence and contributions to the graphic industry. My strengths in photography and video production are backed by training in marketing and creative content.


Work History



Universidad de Sonora

2016 - Current

Adrian Castillo Photography

2018 - 2021

Unlimited Advertising and Creative

Production Manager

Lead Graphic Designer

2016 - 2018

A&M Graphics

Lead Graphic Designer

Graphic Design


Graphic Installer

Bachelor of Arts : Design and Visual Communications

Expressions of art that are predominantly focused on the creation of works that visual art by nature such as: Painting, Photography, Cinema, Screen Printing, Graphic Design, Video Art, etc.

  • high-quality images for various print and digital projects.

  • Performed advanced computer processing of images for assignments.

  • Determined Photographed and adjusted subject position, props and lighting equipment while selecting camera angles to optimize final product.

  • Tracked inventory for photo products and equipment.

  • Developed long and short-term business needs while driving customer feedback for process improvements.

  • Increased production rates by regulating workflow to meet consumer needs.

  • Provided excellent customer service and account regulation, strengthening client relations and boosting revenue.

  • Selected and set up appropriate props, backdrops and lighting.

  • Edited, toned, captioned and uploaded photographs for publication.

  • Experimented with different lighting effects to deliver unique images.

  • Designed website layouts, templates and unique branded looks.

  • Worked with clients to gather and define requirements, establish scopes and managing project milestones.

  • Completed in-depth product design tests with help of different software, models and design systems.

  • Met with customers to present mockups and collect information for adjustments.

  • Completed final touches for projects such as images sizes and font selection.

  • Applied creative expertise to present marketing concepts.

  • Created designs and collaborated with technical team to complete projects.

  • Put together photography and videos for social media, advertising and informational purposes.

  • Developed creative design for print materials, brochures, banners and signs.

  • Created digital image files for use in digital and traditional printing methods.

  • Designed website layouts, templates and unique branded looks.

  • Worked with clients to gather and define requirements, establish scopes and managing project milestones.

  • Worked across various locations with graphics and installation tools.

  • Repaired damaged graphics or installed new ones.

  • Collaborated with graphic artists.

  • Project Management Abilities

  • Production Layouts

  • Excellent IT skills, especially with design and photo-editing software

  • Exceptional creativity and innovation

  • Excellent time management and organisational skills

  • Accuracy and attention to detail

  • An understanding of the latest trends and their role within a commercial environment

  • Professional approach to time, costs and deadlines

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe InDesign

  • Visual design

  • PC and Mac platforms

  • Illustration

  • Logo design

  • Website Graphics

  • Photography Composition

  • Image Manipulation

  • Digital Graphics

  • Corporate Branding

  • Branding Strategies

  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • Advertising understanding

  • Sales expertise

  • Customer Service

  • Retouching and color correction

  • Strong compositional skills

  • Digital design

  • Strong exposure techniques

  • HD photography

  • Food photography

  • Video Editing

  • Fashion photography

  • Image manipulation

  • Composition

  • Project Management

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